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The collection Amanta was a challenge in the way of how to lighten the solid wood while preserving its presence and its volume. The minimalist mass floats over the floor; it’s a levitating object.
The solid oak speaks through its natural graining both in the front cross-section of the night shelves and exposed ingrown evenly disrupting the compact surface of the front headboard. The collection is also designed in a combination with white leatherette upholstery.

The solid oak is also emphasized by a distinct rounding of the edges that have both functional
and ergonomic purpose – that is mainly in the sideboards when sitting down
on the mattress and then in all the outer exposed edges of the furniture..

Natural oil surface finish allows to lighten the furniture even more with color and to highlight
construction details, mainly the connection of the shelf to the sideboard or detail of the front headboard..

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