Cubist Chess

Unique collectors set

Year2012 - 2016
Editionlimited - 16ks, numbered, signed
PhotoBoys Play Nice
Dimensions510 x 510 x 88 mm
Height of King 105 mm

An outstanding collectors’ set inspired by the legend of cubist architecture Pavel Janák was created as a tribute to Czech cubism. Moreover, the set is a celebration of craftsmanship as well as the game of chess itself by paying it a tribute through dedication to each of the Wolrd chess champions.

The hand-carved collection is made of maple wood. The chessboard is part of an upholstered
box accommodating the chess pieces with sides resembling crystal edges. The black color was achieved
through a special technique of steaming with black stain. The surface of the chessboard was created
by inlay technique; it is varnished and polished to high gloss.


Each set is signed by the Author, including certificate proving the origin of the handicraft.
The edition is limited to the number of the existing world champions
recognized by the World Chess Federationand so far there are 16 pieces.

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