Tool Storage system

projectNASA S.T.A.R. Design project
in cooperationJohnson Space Centre Houston
Lund University Sweden
The concept of MotylBox emerged within the program of S.T.A.R. Design (Space and Terrestrial Architectural Research), in cooperation with Lund University and NASA Johnson Space Centre in Houston.
MotylBox is a tool storage system designed for geological research on the Moon. Its design is based on a research of the original systems from Apollo program and new findings of the current Constellation program. The initial aim of this program was to transport a human crew to the moon until 2020. 
The fundamental concept is based on the principle inspired by pop-up books. This solution emphasizes the simplicity of control with maximal utilization of the storage space and minimal requirements for storing and manipulation. On the contrary, in the open position it maximizes the access to the tools, considering the ergonomic limits during the EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity = getting off in a vacuum).

The storage system is designed in order to be useful not only for geological tools but everywhere you need
to take in to consideration storage space and maximize work surface with minimum maintenance requirements.
In a closed position it forms a compact whole preventing the regolith to penetrate into the corpus..

Quick disassembly of the box is secured by special mechanism that opens the inner beams with one move doubling
the surface of the storage space which is then accessible from all sides when using the tools.

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