The Silent Servant

Dimensions1300 x 600 x 600 mm
ClientFinezza Design
Priceon request
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Mr.ZAK, The Silent Servant arises from the necessity to revive spaces for living, like offices, hotels, lofts, bedrooms etc. Made of luxury material , the coat-rack is a symbiosis of functionality, individuality, material and technology.
This functional, but peculiar solitaire is characterized by a sculptural morphology, which is supported by a material that creates a compact appearance of the coat-rack. The structure of the coat-rack is based on the well-known principle of wooden puzzles of prehistoric animals. This structure does not imitate any particular animal but gives a space for imagination.

High pressured laminate in combination with three layers of aluminium made a breakthrough in the development of the coat-rack. Luxurious thanks to its processing, durability and maintenance, the material allows every single curve to be excellently highlighted and gives the object an unmistakable character.

I´m interested in Mr.ZAK

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