materialbriar, acryl

The hand-carved pipe was made using polygonal modelling of 3D objects in computer graphics and subsequently manually processed by traditional woodcarving.

The intricately varied surface of irregular polygons is in fact radically reduced shape of a classic pipe. The complex faceted surface was made through repeatedly simplified dense polygonal net that is used to render a smooth organic surface in computer graphics.

The concept of the pipe thus questions the notion of complexity as perceived by the human eye and by the virtual 3D space. From the human perspective, the shape of a classic pipe is simple, however, if you want to interpret it in the virtual world it becomes more complex in terms of computing. By simplifying the polygonal net we reduce the demands on the 3D imaging but create a varied surface structure for humans.

Using 3D technology for subsequent hand-crafted treatment is, in a way, a reversed process to usual practice today. Even though the pipe was created in the perfect virtual world of 3D graphics, it was subsequently hand-carved to get rid of the mechanical perfection that is characteristic of today’s products.

I´m interested in poly pipe

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