The Dog that Rocks!

Colourbrown or white
Dimensions755 x 550 x 345 (seat height 300mm)
82x39x5 cm in box
PhotoAndrea Bratrů Velnerova
Vladana Parker / Metamorphosis
Pricewhite - 145 €
brown - 130 €
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Rocking Dog is inspired by popular 3D folding animals while the profile of the dog’s head is a reminiscence of the author’s own dog from his youth. Its strong stylization is supported by gentle ribbing that imparts a peculiar character to the toy, creates its dimension, and at the same time ensures comfortable sitting for rocking movement. Even its assembly can turn into a play for the parent and their child. And when the child grows up the toy can be disassembled and stored for future generations. is made of 12mm water-resistant birch plywood with brown or white foiled surface.

Note to brown version: Given the material used, waterproof industrial plywood may contain artifacts on the film surface and its color can slightly vary. This is caused by imperfections of natural wood appearing through the foil and has no influence on the functionality of the toy.

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