Inner Space


Materialwood – oak, plaster, 3D print, graphite
Dimensions5 x (30 x 30 x 30) cm
ProjectGraduation project, Sculpture studio,
Priceon request
The Inner Space is a series of cubes that represent five stops on the way through a matter, up to the absolute disappearance of its structural form. The set shows a story line transferred into five identical excisions which come out from the dependence both on the artist´s interpretative possibilities and the latest technologies. It tells about the transformation of a substance, connecting traditional sculptural procedures with current digital technologies.
The source of inspiration for the concept of this polyptych was the movie Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames from 1968. In this short movie the viewer is guided through the universe and the microcosmos in marked denary intervals through continual zooming out and subsequent zooming in. The same principle has been applied to this work. Each object is a follow-up to the previous one and is ten times the size of the preceding enlarged wood mass, where its structure is being developed like in a drama genre.



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