New line of scooters for kids

designJaroslav Juřica
materialsteel, plastic
clientIntrea-Piko s.r.o.

After a successful cooperation with Yedoo which resulted in a product line called ALLOY, we didn’t want to leave out children. Unlike the previous collection, the new collection called KIDS has a simplified, double-tube frame, a new deck, and a built-in stand. Although this project started as a redesign, it represents a completely new and fresh air for the well-established brand of Yedoo.

The design of the new collection KIDS is characterized by a double-tube frame that is dominated
by the initial letter of the given model in its upper part; M – Mau, T – Tidit, or W – Wzoom.

material, technology, process...

This seemingly simple project in fact represents a number of different technologies and processes. While the frame is welded from
bent steel tubes, the deck is made with the technology of plastic injection, and the stand is made with a sheet steel cut.

"Never-ending” cycle of checking between the virtual space of CAD and real 1:1 models from 3D printer.

The morphology of the deck and the stand follows up the series of bigger steel
scooters Mezeq, City, and Ox, that I have designed for Cocoon agency.
The children’s version has a more rounded morphology.

When it’s locked, the built-in stand forms a compact unit with the deck.

I´m interested in Yedoo KIDS

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The final form of the frame was preceded
by many conceptual sketches.