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The generous concept of LaVista bed is inspired by construction of the so-called Windsor Chair.
Its characteristic lathe-turned bars have been produced for centuries all over the world in various forms. With the simplicity and purity of contemporary design, with the use of modern technologies and handwork in an entirely new context, we are pushing this element to a whole different dimension.

Kotva 1
Jelínek nábytek postel Lavista

Characteristic bars of the LaVista bed represent a mutual harmony of forms and functions.
A chair that used to stand freely next to the bed as a night table, now grows together with the headboard into one whole.

An airy backrest allows to situate the bed in the middle of a room and in combination
with a pillow it offers a comfortable position for reading or relaxation.

Jelínek nábytek postel Lavista

In the spirit of the company's philosophy, the bed is made of local hardwood - oak.The collection also includes a chest of drawers and a bench with applied characteristic
features of milled upper part of the “seat” and contoured legs.

Jelínek nábytek komoda Lavista

presentation at the Designblok 2014 show

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